iExplorer 3.2

iExplorer allows you to manage the files within your iPhone, iPod or iPad
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iExplorer is a complex program that helps you manage the files stored on any iPhone, iPad or iPod device.
The installation of this application might take a while but if the iTunes program is already installed on your PC, it might take less time (iExplorer requires iTunes in order to function properly). Once you launch the program, it offers you all the information you need to properly connect the device to your PC and manage the data that it stores, so you don't need much experience in handling this type of applications in order to be able to operate it with ease.

iExplorer offers you an easy way to transfer files and folders from the connected device to your PC, back up any useful information (messages, contacts, notes, voice mails, etc.), manage music files and pictures. Although iTunes is a well-known file manager for iPods, it doesn't allow you to transfer audio files from the device to your PC if the music was originally copied using iTunes. This is where iExplorer might prove of good use as it lets you complete this task no matter what transfer method you previously used.

A quite important disadvantage of using this application is that it takes a while to load the media from the connected device. As a matter of fact, the program might even also crash occasionally while attempting to access the media files.

For users who don't put a high price on their time, iExplorer might prove to be a smart solution for managing the files within an iPhone, iPad or iPod device. However, the ones that do, should consider trying more speedy applications.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple interface.
  • Supports all iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.
  • Offers you an easy way to explore the folders from your device.
  • You can check your voicemails, messages, contacts and notes from your iPhone


  • Loading media takes a while.
  • You need to install iTunes in order to use iExplorer
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